7 on 7: February

Hello, friends!

Join me on a new photo project of 7 pictures every month on the 7th. I will link up with a few photography friends. Follow the link at the bottom of each intro text to see what the other inspiring people in our circle have been up to. I am so looking forward to seeing everyone's pictures.

In January, I have been to Travemünde at the Baltic Sea. The weather has been a bit rough, but I made some pretty awesome memories there with my favourite person. The weather quite challenged me photographically.

There is nothing more precious than standing at the shore at night, hearing the waves crashing in and looking at a perfectly round, golden moon. Took no pictures of that, sorry. It was magical. Let me tell you.

At the end of our trip, we stopped in Lübeck, which is architectural the most beautiful city I have seen, ever. Enjoy the pictures.

And don't forget to stop by at Jenny's blog, as well as click through to see everyone's beautiful pictures. See you in March for another episode of 7 on 7!