august book list

Another book list. I know. I am kinda playing catch up. I hope you don't mind. I loved my august reads. They were intriguing and not at all what I expected. I love reading solely for pleasure and haven't done it that much over the past summer months. Autumn is in the air already and I want to stay in bed all day to read.

Without further ado, here are my august reads.

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This beautifully plotted book took many twists and turns and had a stunning way to unfold. I really liked the way you knew nothing in the beginning. And at the end it managed to make me cry, on the last frickin´ page.
I highly recommend this book because at the first glance it may look depressing but surely you have to find out for yourself.


A love story between two women in the 50s. I found it quite fascinating how well shaped the characters were. In the middle, the plot dragged for a bit, but it made for a quite good ending in my opinion. I really like how the characters coped and handled what was thrown at them. How they fought for their integrity in similar, yet different ways. I couldn't really move on, I wanted the characters to stay a little longer.

It's a beautiful book if you like an unusal lovestory.