june & july book list

Due to summer I've not been reading much, but the books I picked up were great choices in my opinion.

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I really loved this book. It rings so true for so many things and I think the world needs definitely more books like that. Books that make you feel the love the author has poured out and through this book.

I feel inspired by her simple acts of love and have reminded myself in what values I want to live my life because sometimes I get all crazied up by social media and kind of loose my head.


I've been waiting for this book a long time and I ordered it months before the release date. I spend all day to read it because I just couldn't stop. It was all kinds of exciting, sad and tragic at the same time.

I wish it lasted longer.

No matter how much time went by one is never too old to spend some time with Harry Potter in the magical world. I had my childhood coming back through this book and The Cursed Child couldn't have been any better.


What are you reading right now? I am always in need of recommendations. Share below in the comments section or send me an email.