why we home-educate our kids


Whenever we are on the playground I love to sit back and watch the interactions between the kids. My kids are mostly good on their own, making eye contact if they need me. I often see parents sitting with the kids in the sandpit, fighting out their kids struggles.

After a day of work for them (and daycare for the kids) they mean well. They like everyone to be happy. Some times I've seen parents ask their kids to play quieter, while the kid with every fiber of his being was screaming for attention from his mother, to be seen. To be cared for, noticed and appreciated in the little time between daycare pick-up and bedtime.

And I get that. I am tired, exhausted, emotinal spent, (fill in the blank) too some times.

We tried preschool with Mr D for a while. It just added so much logistics and stress for everyone. Our boy became desperate to be like everyone else. It felt wrong, because he is perfect. In my opinion it is not desirable to be a copy of someone else. We also didn't want the values society suggests to be our kids core belief. Because violence and sameness can never be right.

I spend the day together with my kids and I love to know what they've been doing the whole day. What kind of mood they are in. Where their interests are. It's a lot of work sometimes. Well, who am I kidding?! Every single day.

We, as a family and mostly our kids, depend so much on our time together, especially in the early childhood years. They know they are appreciated for who they are, that they are loved and don't need to fight for our attention. Because we are there. Not just in the evenings when everybody is tired and cranky. Not only on holidays, vacations and weekends. We are present 24/7. Our kids learn through life and not from life-like experience. They are free to work on a skill as long as they want and need to, until they've mastered it.

While we home-educate our kids, we are not cooped up at home the whole day. Our kids are co-parented by our neighbours, friends and their grandparents (although distance makes it hard sometimes). They have plenty time to socialize with all kinds of people from every age group. Mr. D knows how to handle a disagreement with a kid, to negotiate and stand up for himself.

As I am well aware home-education is not for everyone (and we are very grateful and fortunate to make it work), it is what works for us right now. Everything has it's price and we are living quite a simple life, not vacationing much, to work it out. We love it.

I want our kids to know that they are supported and loved every single second of their precious life. That they are capable on their own and we will always be their coach, guiding them if they need us. That they can try, fail and turn to us to stand by them and solve things together. I hope they grow up in the deep sense that they can conquer the world, with their own voice and power. With their core beliefs of peace, trust, love and the importance of family (to name a few) to guide them.

Although we are at the very beginning of an exciting road we will enjoy it until we need to readjust in whatever direction the need may be.