february book list

I am a huge booknerd. I used to read in every spare minute. Nowadays I use the evenings and weekends to read. My favourite people live in books and I thoroughly enjoy myself while reading.

I love to see what other people read in my own favourite social media feeds. So I guess maybe you are curious too. Here I compiled my february reads.

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After getting a recommendation for this book, I was reluctant at first. Would I really love it? After the first 20 pages or so I couldn't stop. A fast-gripping story of troubled times, inspiring people and a new world through a blind girls' eyes. Poetically written in it's own genuinely brilliant way.

This story made me imagine the houses and stories of Saint Malo. It made me smell the sea and hear the seagulls and horrors of World War II. I was sad when the book was over, the characters so beautifully etched in my mind I didn't want to let go. In my opinion these are the best books, who stay with you long after you finished.

Definitely recommend this book, you won't regret it.


I often come across the books by Jojo Moyes, but I never purchased them because I felt like I read that romantic love story well over many times too much.

This books surprised me though. Filled to the brim with charismatic characters I found myself laughing and yes, weeping through this book. It's a well tailored story of two people who cannot be together it may seem. I could envision the house of Lou's parents and how the acted together and cared for each other. In the middle I thought it was a bit lengthy but never boring. Well written book, I regret not picking up any sooner.


Being an introvert myself I often times wonder how to navigate in this world. Finding this book was so great. It helped me put me at ease why certain situations just freak me out and gives a nice insight into the mind and character of introvert leaders. I am not anywhere near to the end of this book, though it taught me a lot already.

A few months ago we started reading chapter books with our boy before bed and he loves them. So far we read Peter Pan and The Jungle Book. Continuing with classics these were the books we read in february. Sadly the titles we read this month are not available in english.


This is a German classic. I read that as a kid and so I decided my child needs to be introduced to it too. And boy, was it an adventure.

Mr D often asked to read more and sometimes we fell right asleep with the mind full with adventures of rescuing a leg of a cockchafer.

Can't go wrong with a classic. We loved this book.


Paul Maar is my all-time favourite german children's book author.
The story is quite a bit silly, with silly names, rhymes and a cheeky 'Sams', which is a strange creature captured in this book.

It's just so fun to read a story where your 4 year old laughs his great big laugh and you can't do anything else than laughing alongside him, even if it not too funny. A great book to share with children.

What are you reading right now? I am always in need of recommendations. Share below in the comments section or send me an email.