winter : nature table in our home


I'll jump start the series about nature tables with winter, as we are barely but still in winter. You can find a quick overview of the general nature of nature table in this article I've written.

I've used a brown silk as a backround, since underneath all that snow the ground is brown, sleeping to gather it's power for next spring. On top of that brown silk I layered white and blue-dyed silks who are giving the table a nice texture, without being too noisy. With wooden blocks I build a cave for a bear who hibernates in winter inside there. I vaguely used the story of Loek Koopmans' Story "Any room for me" (in german: Ein Märchen im Schnee) where quite a few animals of the forest gather in a mitten to keep warm. Over the weeks I added the animals in a childs mitten. Quite fittingly it was Mr D's favourite story this winter.

The agate slice is meant to be a pond, the pinecones illustrate a forest. Below you see our winter nature table of this year. We added a berry branch we found at a local florist too.


Keep in mind, this is all very flexible. Work with what you have. Add treasures from wood walks or anything that sparks your fancy. Try to display a story and let your nature table evolve over time. The children love to see that.

What does your nature table look like?

Leave me a comment below to let me know where I can see yours. I'd love to marvel over your table.