spring : nature table in our home


We are already in spring-time. This year we transformed our nature table already into a Easter table, inspired by a scene from Eva Maria Ott-Heidmann's book Spring (Frühling) you see on our nature table. Usually we do a unformal spring table without the Easter theme first before adding Easter themed bits and bobs after a while.

The green playsilk symbolizes the renewal of spring, everywhere in the woods the green is turning up and it smells like wild garlic. In the Easter nest are some plastic eggs and the wooden Ostheimer bunnys wait in the grass for their big day.

Just right before Easter we will add an Easter bouquet from spring branches we can find in the woods. After we Easter we will re-structure and coming April we will cull through all the things on the nature table. The Easter things will go into hiding again and a natural spring theme continues with things we find outside, i.e. flowers or things we find outdoors.

the kids play with the things on the nature table once in a while, move the bunnys here and there, but they know to return the things when they are done with playing. I really love to see their play on our nature table, acting out the stories we read and things we see and hear around us.


How does your nature table look? I'd love to see.

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