series : nature table in our home

Over the coming year I'll share with you our nature table every season.

Here's the introduction to this series, the winter edition, spring edition and I'll add the other posts here once they are published.


What is a nature table and it's purpose?

Traditionally in Waldorf education a nature table is a place to connect your child with nature in the home. It is a place to display and for the child to grasp the change of the seasons. It teaches beauty in the everyday things and objects found in nature.

Our table always evolves with the seasons. In spring fresh flowers may be added once in a while and in winter there are needle felted or crafted bits to add like snowflakes. The nature table naturally progresses through each season and reflects them. It's a link between the outside and inside world in your childs life.

It may be the spark for imaginative play or it may have no visible effect at all. But I observed in our children that they deeply absorb the changes and differences each season holds.

How do I create a nature table?

Our nature table is located on top of a shelf in the hallway. A place where we walk past every day. You could also place it on the windowsill. Find a little corner in your home and go from there. We like to add playsilks to craft a landscape. Each season has it's own colours. Wooden figures also show up on it quite frequently, like on martinmas. You could even display a scene of your favourite seasonal book you and your children like.

Quite often our children not only add to the nature table but play with the pieces on it too. The only rule for play is that it must be neat again after the play. Not once was our nature table in a mess. Not even with a toddler (knock on wood!).

In the next few weeks and at the beginning of each season I will show you what we are displaying on our nature table.

Until then I'd love to know if you have a nature table in your home and what intentions it holds in your family! Leave a comment below or send me an email. I'd love to hear from you.