life right now

I've been very absent due to our current move. The last few weeks have been crazy, hectic and chaotic. Throw in lots of tantrums and crying children you get a vague idea of what I've been dealing with.

But somehow this is life. Crazy, chaotic with loads of tantrums from all of us. Me included. We miss friends, grandparents and people who have managed to be more than just friends. It feels like we left a part of our heart behind. It is truly hard to unpack those feelings and help the children through them. 


We are currently transitioning from being country-people to city-people, although we find our solitude in a nearby forest, which we are very fortunate to reach easily. We are embracing our new found possibilities but it is one heck of a transition.

To say it with words by Glennon Doyle Melton : "Why does it have to hurt? Why does it have to be hard?” Tish asked me. “You know how math is your hardest class right now, but it’s also where you’re learning the most?” I explained. “It’s like that. Life is about learning, and we learn best when things get hard."

It may be quiet for another little while, but I will be soon back to share the lastest yarn projects and shenanigans from the wee folk that chose to be my children.