5 reasons why a play based approach matters


I love educating our kids at home, despite (or maybe because) it is tied to some effort on my part. We decided to go a pretty basic route of interest- and play-based learning. What I still find very difficult on play-based learning is, that there is no curriculum or guidance to look out to. There is no set out path. Play-based learning looks different for every family and in that family looks different for every child. Yet it is so much fun to see the proud accomplishment on your child's face.

Here are 5 reasons why you should try it too.


Learning is tailored to your child's need

your child is truly engaged and interested in the work he/she is doing. Even if it is going to the library the 5th time this week or playing with Lego all day. The child chooses what he/she wants to play with and for how long. It may look like jumping in puddles for several hours on a rainy day to explore how water reacts when it is to be jumped in.

Learning made to be remembered

play-based learning forms very thoroughly knowledge the child can recall. Your child gets the chance to merge with the material he plays with, investigate and forms deep knowledge about it.

He/she is highly motivated and engaged.

your child can learn what he enjoys in a format he/she enjoys. this way your child is highly motivated and engaged. this can be true for adults too.

Play-based learning gives ability to solve problems independently

the child chooses which problems he/she wants to work on. he/she gets the chance to work with creativity and innovation to solve the problems independently. the child gains resiliency and knows when to seek out collaboration or assistance. Often times your child will come up with a solution but it may not be what you expect.

Play-based learning is fun

most of all play-based learning is tons of fun. I love to learn through play too. It may look very messy, but underneath the activity your child learns. Make sure to observe and you will notice many things your child gets better understanding at. 


Maybe you want to give it a go for yourself and see what happens. Let me know how you liked this blogpost by commenting down below. If you have a question use the comments section or send me an email.