On my way to motherhood it really is amazing to me, how much women suffer and sacrifice for their kids.
Speaking to a few mom's they tell me all different kind of stories. I spoke to grandma's, newly-mom's and mom's who have been in the business for a few years already.
I have not known very many of them closely but it touched me how open and honstly they shared. A rare thing to find these days.

Women grow babies in their bodies, nurturing them by feeding themselves healthy things, who quit smoking, alcohol and maybe heavy drugs. (not that this is a bad thing.. I mean to quit)
How they can somehow expand their heart to labour a new soul into this world, loving it fiercly. Giving everything they have to raise them to be a good kid. They will loose their brain and sleep pattern, getting it back again after a few years.
Mothers somehow do it all without ever expecting any reward for all the pain and worries than to love this child until eternity. With it all I came to the realization that it is not everything as fun as it might look like.
It takes heart, strenght and courage to be a mother. It is not an easy job.
A few months left until I am a mother too. I will have the same worries many mothers have had before me, wondering if the path I am choosing how to parent and raise my kid will be the best way or if we will end up in a dead-end street.
I think women are destined to be this way.
To have all the ability they need to find out which way to go in any matter.
I am not worried at all anymore, like in the beginning.
It will fall into place once the time is there. I hope I can pay attention to my body in all coming circumstances, that this may guide me well in the process of labour, breastfeeding and all the other nitty gritty stuff people barely speak about open and honestly.

Raising kids is not always fun. But in the end it was well worth the trouble, from what I figured. And this can be totally be applied to fathers too without the whole birth thing, of course.