martinmas : festivals in our home


We love to celebrate and to get all festive. So, some days in our home are quite special.

Every month we decorate together our nature table where the month is reflected and collected or crafted treasures are displayed, the cloths get washed and I pull out (or make) seasonal decoration. This time I felted a small child with a lantern and we discussed how it is going to get darker and colder very soon. The anticipation grew as I added Saint Martin, his horse and the beggar to the nature table. We read a book about Saint Martin and why he is so special.

We craft a lantern every year to get into the spirit of Martinmas. On the picture above you can see the lantern Mr.D made last year. Below is the one he made this year.

Mr.D painted a picture on heavy paper and we rubbed oil on it, several good teaspoons at least. The painting dried over night and on the next day, we cut one long side every 1cm about 2cm into the paper to create small strips for the bottom. After that Mr.D glued the short side together. After a bit of drying time he glued the bottom pieces together. Since there was still a hole at the bottom we glued a circle on top to give the lantern a bit more stability.

As we were going through our day, made lunch and had quiet-time, we read the story about Saint Martin again. After quiet-time we acted it out together, listened and sang songs.

Before I retold the story we lit the candles together and a beautiful beeswax smell filled the air. I really love the light from our salt candle holders too.

During quiet time I prepared the dough for sweet Martinmas pretzels and when we finished the story, we rolled the dough and baked the sweet pretzels. Which kind of transformed into a blob. But that's okay. We knew the should symbolize togetherness and helping each other, so no matter how they looked the deeper meaning is important. 


We enjoyed our sweet snack and then headed out to join a lantern walk in our neighborhood. The day was filled with so much goodness and I really enjoy every festival with our children. Happily Mr.D exclaimed in bed that today was a spectacular day and he loved it so much.  I love seeing the joy and delightedness in his face. 

What rituals do you have for martinmas? I'd love to know. Tell me in the comments section below.