when you feel like your work in this world doesn't matter

Sometimes I feel like I am seen as weak. Sensitive to the core, honest, sometimes over-sharing.  But you know, I am trying to tackle all the fake in the world with my honesty. Honestly inquiring about the people I work with has been right now one of the hardest things. Because I have been treated not very humanly in return. I have not been taken care of, they just threw me into the deep end awaiting if I drown or swim. It's not been fun. I showed up, every single day. Often wavering, being nervous as fuck. Questioning why I am on this ward with these people. Asking myself if this is the right place for me. More times than I can count I talked and thought about quitting.

It also taught me, the work I am doing by being honest, mindful and caring


By showing yourself and being vulnerable you make yourself more bare than most people. You will get hurt, of course. You will face-plant in the deepest, darkest shit hole. This, I promise you.


You will get up, clean yourself and try again. And again. And again. As many times, as is necessary. Yes, this is a hard lesson, which might drive you to the edge of yourself, so far out you might think it's not possible to go any further.

The fruit will show. The fruit of being an honest, sensitive, caring person. It's going to be wonderful when the people who you have been partnered with (romantically or not) keep showing up for you. It's beautiful when they hold space for you, knowing right now that's all you need. It's the best when all the honesty comes back reflected at you. The icing on the cake is, when people follow your example. All the tools they have been given, are not getting them anywhere. And those people know, that treating another person with blame, degrading and humiliating them is wrong. They don't have the tools to be any different. I wholeheartedly believe that everyone out there in this world is doing the best they can. If you lead by example, some will follow. Some might not, for now. That's okay too. Eventually they will, or their path in life will go a different way.

What I know for sure, the work you are doing is of value. You are the ancient, healing magician the world needs right now. We need all the teamplayers, the leaders, and trusting intuitives to heal this world in every corner. Start small. You can change the world by caring for and appreciating others. Stop hiding, keep showing up. Boldly and strong. YOU are needed out here. Join me to love these broken souls back together. I know we can do this.

7 on 7: February

Hello, friends!

Join me on a new photo project of 7 pictures every month on the 7th. I will link up with a few photography friends. Follow the link at the bottom of each intro text to see what the other inspiring people in our circle have been up to. I am so looking forward to seeing everyone's pictures.

In January, I have been to Travemünde at the Baltic Sea. The weather has been a bit rough, but I made some pretty awesome memories there with my favourite person. The weather quite challenged me photographically.

There is nothing more precious than standing at the shore at night, hearing the waves crashing in and looking at a perfectly round, golden moon. Took no pictures of that, sorry. It was magical. Let me tell you.

At the end of our trip, we stopped in Lübeck, which is architectural the most beautiful city I have seen, ever. Enjoy the pictures.

And don't forget to stop by at Jenny's blog, as well as click through to see everyone's beautiful pictures. See you in March for another episode of 7 on 7!


one little word 2018

I stumbled upon  amazing Ali Edwards a few years ago. The intentionality in choosing a word at the beginning of every year intrigued me. To find out more about the One Little Word Project and Ali's accompanying workshop click here or here. It's about finding your word for the year. Getting found by it sometimes. And seeing where it leads. Letting your year be influenced by it.

2017's word for me was grow. Oh man. That word was so perfect, although I didn't know that in January. For me, grow also meant growing roots, immersing myself in this city, building lasting relationships, finding a home (in myself) and a community. It took until May 2017 to let the word lead and explore where I need to go. But this is not 2017 anymore and maybe I will tell that story and how it unfolded on another occasion here on the blog.


2018 is here. The word I picked is:


The most fitting definition of the word I found in the Oxford Dictionary and what I want to integrate into my life this year is the following

*a period or interval of inactivity, repose, solitude, or tranquillity:


*mental or spiritual calm

This year I am ready for more ease, settling into the new reality I have made for myself. Ready for going inward, taking more care of my body and my soul. Doing the things that make me come alive, although balancing that out with the stress and hectic of everyday life. Choosing calm and slow over fast and easy.

I am not sure what this year may look like. I envision it in terms of doing more things at home like, inviting friends, having cute and easy gatherings, having enough time to meditate and do yoga. I'd love to read more books and to evolve as a person. But you never know what the year brings. I am excited and curious what 2018 has in store for me. I bet it will be fun to reflect back on this word in December.

Until then... Have you picked a word? What does it mean to you? Let me know in the comments section! I'd love to know :)